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TCS34717 Color Sensor Breakout Fundraiser on Tindie.com

Raivis over at rrkb.lv and I have been quietly working on a neat little product that hit the tindie fundraiser scene just about a week ago today.  This board uses another neat sensor from AMS, the TCS34717 “Color Light-to-Digital Converter” IC. This sensor is part of a family of sensors capable of measuring light intensity for red, green, blue and “clear” channels in a variety of settings. It can even be combined with an IR filter to make it even more useful in many other applications.


Raivis has been hard at work designing the board layout and schematic which resulted in a first pass successful prototype that you see in the photo in this post. He and I have been discussing some minor improvements which have been implemented in a second revision prototype that is currently being fabricated.  Provided everything tests out okay, that is the design we’ll be using to satisfy the fundraiser backers.


Hardware is only as useful as the code to run it. Fortunately Raivis has also developed a great Arduino library for the IC to make setting it up and using it a breeze.  He’s even working on a demo sketch that we hope to unveil before the fundraiser ends.


Where do I fit in? I’ve been assisting in the design and review process, and will be doing assembly, testing, marketing and shipping.


If you’re interested in getting one of these neat boards, you can back the fundraiser that is running right now on tindie – simply visit https://www.tindie.com/shops/TAUTIC/tcs34717-color-sensor-breakout/ and follow the steps. There’s only 7 days left at the time of writing this, so make sure to register for yours today before time runs out!

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