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AS3935 Lightning Sensor Development Boards – September 21 Update

Update! The boards are now available for purchase on tINDIE! You can check them out here: AS3935 Lightning Sensor Dev Board
We’ve also created a wiki page for documentation which includes sample code. That page is available here: on our wiki 

They’re heeeere! The Lightning boards have landed, i’ve built up a few and everything looks to be testing out okay.  I’ve also tested them with the lightning emulator board and they seem to be detecting strikes as expected.


Additionally parts were ordered and delivered to populate the boards, and the solder paste stencil is on order and expected to arrive by the 25’th (though I have a suspicion it will be here much earlier).


For those that reserved a lightning board, Thank you! You helped make this initial run of boards a reality.  I’ll be sending out invoices to the email addresses you provided for the quantity reserved.  If you’d like the quantity changed, let me know.  As an extra thank you for early registrations, I won’t be charging shipping. If you require a ship method faster than the standard USPS First Class, let me know and I can revise the invoice for the difference.  International customers will have their boards shipped via USPS First Class International.


Thank you again – I’m looking forward to hearing what everyone does with these neat boards!



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  • Niklascooke

    Hello Jayson!

    Do you have sample code for this board?

    Regards Niklas Cooke

    • tautic

      I’m still working on something worthy of release, hopefully soon!

    • tautic

      Check out the wiki page for this product, there’s a link to some sample code http://wiki.tautic.com/Category:AS3935_Lightning_Sensor_Dev_Board

  • Simon

    Hi !
    When I found the AS3935 sensor, I was thinking about designing a demoboard. I finally found your website and discover you already made this job !
    So I could be intersted in one of your board. When do you think it will be ready to sell and how much is the price (even approximatly) ?

    Thank you.


    • tautic

      Hi Simon, these are available now over on tindie!  Check it out: https://tindie.com/TAUTIC/as3935-lightning-sensor-board/ 

  • Buzby

    Stupid design error on this board !

    I2C address is fixed at $00, the address reserved for General Call.

    • http://www.tautic.com Jayson

      The next board revision will include jumper pads to allow setting this.

  • Terry Simmich

    Can we have a revision to the board to at least jumper or solder pad to VSS /VDD one or both of the I2C Address selection pins so it is able to be used on addresses other than address $00?

    • tautic

      Hi Terry, Yes this is a planned change for the next revision of the board.

  • Brad G

    amazing. cant wait for this to be back in stock