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AS3935 Lightning Sensor Dev Board – August 25th Update

Update! The boards are now available for purchase on tINDIE! You can check them out here: AS3935 Lightning Sensor Dev Board
We’ve also created a wiki page for documentation which includes sample code. That page is available here: on our wiki 

I’ve been testing the latest version of the dev board while working on writing some test code. The firmware is far enough along now that I was able to run the function for tuning the antenna. This function is enabled by setting a bit in a specific register – the end result is the AS3935 will output a clocked signal at a rate equal to the resonance point of the antenna, divided by the currently set divisor. Long story short, even without yet applying any of the internal tuning capacitors, the antenna circuit as is appears to resonate within roughly 1.79% of the targeted 500KHz. The datasheet calls for a resonance point within 3.5% so we’re in great shape!

The next change was to the board itself. I’ve updated the circuit in order to enable the AS3935′s onboard regulator. With this new configuration, you’ll be able to run the board connected to a system running either 3.3v or 5.0v I/O. In fact, the IC and board will be able to be powered and run anywhere from 2.5v through 5.5vdc.

With the success of the tests and completion of the changes to the board i’ve gone ahead and ordered enough boards to fulfill the current reservations as well as have a few extra on hand. I’ll be reaching out to those who reserved a board over the next three weeks to confirm your quantity selection and send out an invoice via PayPal. We should have the boards and parts within a month and will begin assembly once they’re here.

If you havent reserved a board yet, it’s not too late! Simply click here to send in your request.

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